International internship

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I am Oğuz from the sunny city of Turkey, Istanbul. I am having my last year in Translation studies between the languages of English and Turkish. Apart from my main area of studies I am interested in various other fields too. I have done culture studies in Portugal for a year as an exchange student and I am studying marketing in my free time. One of my biggest passions is to learn new languages. With the encouragement of my finnish girlfriend, I decided to start learning Finnish. That’s when the idea of having an internship in Finland came out! During my research for places to have internship I realized that Sexpo is a place to be for me and now when I am here I can see clearly why I felt so.

Translation field covers wide area of studies. We have to learn little bit from everything to be able to transmit the meaning correctly in another language. During the phase of learning I realized that I am interested in marketing and communication fields and I decided to proceed in that direction.

Sexuality and sexual equality are one of the problematic issues in Turkey and we get to observe the negative outcomes of it in our everyday life. I chose Sexpo as we are working for the sexual well-being of everyone and we are trying to promote the best possible scenario not only for sexual well-being but also general well-being. I thought that Sexpo would be a good option as I thought both sides can provide different perspectives to each other. I have now been working at Sexpo over 2 weeks and I have been learning new things related to communication and sexuality everyday! I am really happy that people here don’t mind having to speak Finglish because of me! :)”

Welcome, Oğuz!