Clinical Sexology

The training programme in Clinical Sexology provides comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and practical skills in clinical sexology. It is designed for professionals working with health and wellbeing like psychologists, medical doctors and therapists. The programme includes master lectures, online training, advanced reading, and constructive assignments with world-class exprets on sexology, sexual medicine, psychosexual therapy and social studies.

Who can apply: The programme is designed for professionals working with health and wellbeing. Participation requires a master level degree from a relevant field (or equivalent level of training), and prior specialist knowledge and skills on human sexuality. However, it is possible to apply without any prior expertise on sexology by registering to the preparatory course (see below).

Credits: 60 ECTS (1600 h). The programme is equivalent of the level 3 training (Clinical Sexology) in the Nordic sexology education and authorisation curriculum. 

Diploma: After completing the programme, the participants are awarded the Diploma of Clinical Sexology.

Nordic authorisation: The programme enables application for the Nordic authorisation, Specialist in Clinical Sexology, if the applicant has completed the Nordic curriculum in sexological training (120 ECTS), and fulfils other requirements by the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology.

Dates: The training begins in September 2018 with preliminary assignments. There are 4 intensive training weeks in Helsinki during 2018-2020. These are the planned dates, but they may still change:

  • Intensive week 1: September 17-20, 2018
  • Intensive week 2: February 4-8, 2019
  • Intensive week 3: September 9-13, 2019
  • Intensive week 4: February 3-7, 2020.

Location: The venue for intensive training weeks is Sexpo Foundation. Address: Kinaporinkatu 2, Helsinki, Finland. Map

Structure of training: The programme consists of the intensive training weeks (4), practical training, clinical supervision, mentoring, advanced reading, and constructive online assignments. The assignments require interactive work with other participants in an online platform.

Training modules:

  • Sexuality, culture, and society
  • Neurology and pharmacology
  • Cognition and learning
  • Therapeutic frameworks
  • Working with complex sexological problems
  • Disentangling sexualities
  • Sexuality related violence and trauma
  • Therapeutic work in multicultural context
  • Special needs and dependency

Pricing: 8000 €   + VAT 24%
Includes intensive periods, training materials, online training, clinical supervision and mentoring (60 ECTS = 1600 hours). Travel and accommodation costs are not included. The price can be paid in 10 installments.

Preparatory course: The programme can be entered without prior specialist knowledge on sexology by taking part in the online preparatory course. The course includes basic sexology, professional ethics, sexual rights, and SAR training (Sexual Attitudes Reassessment). The preparatory course takes approximately 50 hours to complete (2 ECTS), and it takes place just before the start of the training programme. The price of the preparatory course is 400 € + VAT 24%.

Application: Apply for the training here.

Brochure of the training programme

Sexpo Foundation reserves the right to make changes to the programme without prior notice.

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