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Sexpo Foundation has been working to promote sexual well being in Finland since 1969. Our functions include varied services such as counselling, therapy, consultation and education in matters of sexuality and relationships.

Our aim is that everyone could live out their sexuality in a fulfilling and balanced way. We advance the realization of sexual liberty, equality and sexual rights. We participate in the building of an open and positive sexual culture. We support a society where the diversity of sexuality, gender and relationships may flourish.

We advance our goals on the practical level by educating professionals in sexology and sexual health; by providing information and help and by actively participating in public discourse. Our activities also include projects, research and development as well as volunteer work – and of course all this with a positive attitude towards sexuality as a part of one’s well being.

Sexpo’s Project INTACT promotes the rights of the child and educates about the risks and complications of circumcisions.

Contact information:

Tiina Vilponen Communications Manager tiina.vilponen[at]